About me

I am recent college graduate from University of Phoenix. I receive my associate and bachelor in business while earning my marketing certificate within my bachelor program. I have navigated my life learning how business operates as well as learning marketing tools to better prepared for a marketing career. I discover so much learning how to operate the tools of marketing that I offer free services to those who needed my marketing help.

I manage to help a close friend sell books internationally. He sold more than his first book sells which was 15 books with a self-publishing company. When I apply my marketing methods for his book, he sold 50 books through my service and his books are still selling. He had seen his numbers increase in Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, Thailand, South Korea, United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.  I also have seen it firsthand through my personal experience of how efficient and effective my methods helped create a buzz for my personal brand.  I been working on brand awareness for my brand for a while. My Facebook brand page started with 100 and then grew to 2500 over two weeks. I been persistent on adapting and learning new ways to grow it more.

So, I started this blog to help individuals who needed to know about digital marketing and marketing for them to better understand the science of marketing.


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