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Brand Awareness Package $450 (Beginners deal)

Brand Awareness Package $450


This package creates awareness to your brand. In detail, you will see an increase of followers from local to national. You do have option of international if you wish for global expansion. If you wish to grow your audiences, this is the package for you. This package covers mostly all social media platforms. Do note that the number of followers may vary from the estimated rate over time. You will see new followers during completion.  Make sure that your information is correct and you have content of your products and services on your page and site.


What you will be getting from this deal.

  • Instagram – 30-  100 followers  within two weeks (followers may vary)
  • Twitter – 30 – 100  followers within two weeks  (followers may vary)
  • Facebook – 30 – 100 followers  within two weeks (followers may vary)
  • Content advertisement – one week (website only)
  • Facebook advertisement – one week
  • Twitter advertisement – one week
  • Instagram advertisement – one week


Email me first at if you have any questions regarding this package. If you are international start up brand or business, please email me at the address above for international rates. You will receive data from all platforms of your brand performance after completion. I will break down what you need to do moving forward as well as provide you some insight on growing your business. There is no guarantee of hitting the exact number but you will see an increase in followers. Service fee of $100 is included with the rate. If you want my full service, book for a consultation on my website at Hidden Gem Digital Marketing. You have four days to cancel payment before services begin for full refund. 


Click on the PayPal Support button to submit a payment. 



Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone


Sales Training expert Grant Cardone talks to 2000 realtors about domination, real estate, sales, social media, money, media and why you have to get attention in the marketplace.

this one hour inspirational presentation includes the Lehman collapse and how Cardone used that economic problem as an opportunity to expand his companies.

If you know what day it is you’re not busy enough. Cardone talks about what is wrong with America and Success, unemployment and the work ethic problem.

Grant Cardone

How to sell: Selling on eBay


The best method I can suggest for upcoming startup retails is start selling on eBay before doing a web store. Why is that you may ask; it is simple and convenient for sellers to understand about selling goods. eBay is the best hands on tool to use for beginners. Selling a product is not all that simple. eBay isn’t an easy selling platform. What way to better understand consumer behavior then eBay.  I manage to sold about $2,368.75 through twenty-two transactions of selling goods on eBay.  The way I did it was evaluating consumer behavior through spending.  Let’s take this Xbox One S console for example.



Examine the product and marketing of Xbox One S if you were to sell a console through your web store. (B2C)

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Value (New or Used)
  • Shipment
  • Inventory
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Profit
  • Return Policy
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cost per item
  • Payment Setup
  • Website
  • SSL
  • Analytics


Now, examine the product and marketing of Xbox One S if you were to sell a console through eBay.

  • Value (New or Used)
  • Shipment
  • Profit
  • Description
  • Photos or video
  • Return Policy
  • Inventory
  • Social Media


eBay is slightly different from selling on a web site. eBay is the first step towards understand how to sell a product. Like I said earlier, I evaluated how consumer spend when it comes to buying a product. The better I understood that, I can dictate the next process which is the value. With the value, I have to examine how long did I had my console, and give a description of the console. Later, I take photos (which has to be new) of the console, or I can do a 90 second video break down of the product. After that, I have to set up a reasonable price that works best for both parties where they get a console that is new or used and works perfect. Whereas I get a decent profit from the sell of my console. If I happen to have three function able and healthy consoles that are the same, I can add them in as inventory which increase profit. Not to mention I would have to set up a payment system and shipment system. Once that is all settle, I use social media to get the word out on the consoles that are on sale. Which is why eBay is the best learning tool for beginners how are selling products. The better you understand how to sell, you learn more.

The idea is for you to acknowledge how to sell before you take that step to sell a product. Baby steps lead to walking and then you will be able to run a function able retail business. Take baby steps first and then walk.



Basic advice about selling


For one to sell, they must get familiar with the product or service they are selling. Take me for instance, I am offering service to business in need of marketing. For me to sell a service, I must get familiar with the service I am selling. It won’t work if I am not familiar with the tools. It’s hard to convince new customers to buy into a product or service that they are skeptical about. You know this yourself being that you are a customer too. Try buying a product that you haven’t brought in a while and then tell me that you would buy it again. That is the attitude of consumer spending.


Consumer behavior changes every hour when it comes to spending. To sell a product or service, you must find that niche to get consumers attention. It is easy to determine how you would sell a product. However, selling a product or service without any knowledge of consumer behavior can lead too little to none results. Listen, watch, and analyze consumer spending before you sell a product.
Know what you are selling and believe in what you are selling. Be honest about what you are selling and be transparent about what you are selling. You cannot sell a product or service if you do not feel comfortable or committed with. Consumers are very aware than you about the product or service of which you are offering. What you need to do is be committed to what you are offering. Get comfortable about selling. Bring personality when you are selling a product or service. Research what you are selling. Evaluate what you are selling. Use that information towards what you are selling and then sell yourself to the consumers. Invest information and time to see results.

What you need to know about marketing

What you need to know about marketing,

Jimmy parents are trying to buy him a car as a high school graduation gift. Jimmy parents weren’t sure where to buy a BMW 2010 M series car until an ad from a local car dealership appear on TV. At that moment, they found what they were looking for but the price was a bit steep. Another car dealership ad comes on TV. Even though this dealership was out of town, the price was reasonable. After discussing where they should go to get Jimmy that car, they decided to go out of town for the reasonable price. Now what did you learn from this example. There were some key assessments that happen in this example.

  1. Advertisement
  2. Promoting
  3. Campaigning
  4. Strategy

Both car dealership use all four elements in this example. They strategize their target areas and prices. They both advertise their product. They promoted their product. They campaign their product. However, one dealership had a better marketing plan. In this case, the parents took the second dealership with the reasonable price. Even though they had to travel out of town, the price was enough for them to take that risk.

Businesses invest nearly millions of dollars on marketing alone. It is the most competitive industry due to the demand to be first among competition. There are so many marketing businesses even small marketing businesses that wants to be in the cash cow competition. Every marketing firm offers the same service as each other. Which is why marketing such a hard-driven industry. Most marketing firms do not offer hourly wages but offer commission based incentives on sells. If you expecting a high salary earning in marketing, you must sell more than the next person.

It’s all about sell, sell, sell. How you sell is how you convince people why you are the best option. The first rule of marketing is never sell your client too high or too low. For example, your client wants to over price their service with your assistance. Given their background and experience which are key essentials for a marketing consultant to assess; you want to protect them from over selling themselves too high. It’s great to have high spirits and confidences. You must remember to think about the consumers. What is reasonable for them and how good is the quality. Understanding the market and consumer behavior. Clients will come with overly high expectations for you to market their brand. It is upon you to assess, examine, evaluate, strategize, and create with all the information giving to you.

Marketing is a sport won by playmakers and coaches. You must execute them right in order to score a winning solution.